Register a Private Limited Company in Sri Lanka (Step by Step)

  • STEP 01
    Register the Name of the Company

    First search the company name and apply the name for registration. This will take at least 2 working days.

    STEP 02
    Submitting the Forms

    After obtaining the name approval, we will prepare the Form 1, Form 18, Form 19 & Articles of Association. This will be prepared by us.

    • Form 1 (Application for Registration of a Company)
    • Form 18 (Consent and Certificate of Director)
    • Form 19 (Consent and Certificate of Secretary/ Secretaries)
    • Articles of Association

    STEP 03
    Publishing public notice for Company registration

    The final procedure is to publish public notice. This is usually done by publishing a small blurb on the local papers. This should include the company registration number, registered date & the name of the company. As well as the Registered office address of the company. This should be publish on the Gazette; and in at least one issue of a daily newspaper in the Sinhala, Tamil & English languages, circulating in the area of business.

    As Qualified Secretaries with more than 20 years (since 1997) of experience in this industry, We Siska Management Systems (Private) Limited is capable of registering your company for you.

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